New foal!

September 27th, 2014

Our mare Gáskadís had a nice surprise for us yesterday morning. She gave birth to a wonderful foal. Gáskadís has been in the riding tours for over 20 years, she has never been able to have a foal, it had been tried many times before. We never thought she could have a foal now as she is around 25 years old. And on top of this it is really a miracle that it is a life because it was found stuck in a whole and it was very lucky that we were in the area that day. It was thanks to two wonderful guests who asked if they could go for a 2 hour ride, so we went to get the herd of horses, and thankfully we did! :)IMG_2711

The riding tours

The participants of the riding tours travel off main traffic roads on horseback. They are lead by very experienced guides who know all the historical paths and trails of the highlands.


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