6 day ride

Hekla-Landmannalaugar 6 days highland trail

Dates 2021:

27th of June – 3rd of July (From the Sunday afternoon of the 27th of June and leaving Saturday afternoon on the 3rd of July) 

11th of July – 17th of July (From the Sunday afternoon of the 11th of July and leaving Saturday afternoon on the 17th of July)  

22nd of August – 28th of August (From the Sunday afternoon of the 22nd of August and leaving Saturday afternoon on the 28th of August)  

Price: 2.300 euros

Day 1:

Around midday, course is set through meadows and lava fields, alongside Ranga river, passing the historical lava sheep-fold Landrettir and the last farms before the highlands. 5 hours riding. Overnight in a new built lodge at a place called Rjúpnavellir close to the river.


Day 2:

Morning departure from Rjúpnavellir to the wilds, crossing a desert of ash and the lava field of Solvahraun, close to the famous volcano Hekla (last eruption in the year 2000). About 6 hours ride before reaching the green and peaceful area of Landmannahellir, where farmers stay while gathering their sheep in the mountains. Overnight in a lodge at Landmannahellir.

Day 3:

In the morning a 3-4 hours ride through the valley Domadal passing Frostastadarvatn lake on the way to the popular area Landmannalaugar, a grandiose setting of old craters and colorful mountains. Afternoon at leisure exploring the fabulous neighbourhood or bathing in a natural hot water pool.

Drive back to Landmannahellir for overnight.

Day 4:

Drive back to the horses at Landmannalaugar in the morning. Ride exploring the area via another route to Landmannahellir, a wild track previously known only to farmers. Traversing the inactive explosive craters such as Ljotipollur and Hnausapollur, passing several lakes, always in this unusual volcanic rough and soft landscape. 5 hours ride. Overnight at the lodge in Landmannahellir.

Day 5:

Crossing lava fields on the way back from the highland, heading towards Afangagil valley, a special place where sheep farmers and their friends get together in September for the ,,rettir”. 5-6 hours ride. Overnight in a shepherds lodge at Afangagil.

Day 6:

Departure from Afangagil early in the morning for the return to the farm Austvadsholt. Crossing deserts of ash and other impressive uninhabitable regions of Hekla. On through farmlands and across the Ranga river to get to the home meadows where the horses are released from their duties and get a well earned rest. 7-8 hours ride. Transfer to the bus or overnight at the farm.

Come and ride with us and contact us: hekluhestar@hekluhestar.is