5 day ride

The ultimate horse, hiking and exploring trip.

Dates 2024:

27th of May (pick up in Reykjavik the morning) to 31st of may (drop of in Reykjavik in the afternoon 5 days of riding/hiking/car excursion)

3rd of June (pick up in Reykjavik the morning) to 7th of June (drop of in Reykjavik in the afternoon 5 days of riding/hiking/car excursion) Few spot left

2nd of September (pick up in Reykjavik the morning) to 6th of September (drop of in Reykjavik in the afternoon 5 days of riding/hiking/car excursion) FULLY BOOKED

Price: 2.450 euros

Included in the price:
– Pick up and drive off in Reykjavik.
– French, English and Icelandic speaking guide.
– All meals (Breakfast, lunch and dinner).
– Made up bed accommodation.
– Driving excursion (f.e.; Gullfoss and Geysir and more).
– Hiking excursion.
– Riding excursion.
– All horse tack, helmets and rain gear.
– Entrance in the local swimming pool and man made cave.

Requirements to join the ride:
Comfortable riding in all terrains at all gates in open spaces out side.
Able to ride gallop through different terrain.
Able to mount the horse with out a step or help from other.
90 kg weight limit.

  1. The great Golden Circle day: We pick up our guests at BSÍ bus station in Reykjavik at 10 o’clock. From there we go to Thingvellir national park, were the fissure zone of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge can be seen as well as beeing one of the most important historic places in Iceland. Next we see Gullfoss and Geysir heading the direction to the Hekluhestar farm. When we arrive to the farm we have a dinner. The horses will be close by the guesthouse so guests can visit the horses after dinner.
  2. The big Horse riding day: We make picknick from the breakfast table and than we meet up with the horses in the morning. We ride along side the calm river Ranga with a view on the mountains around, including the volcano Hekla. We have our picknick with our horses next to old traditional sheep houses. We ride through farmland and the histiorical lava sheep-fold Landrettir. After reaching our destination of one of our neighbour farms, after around 5 hour ride, we drive back to the farm.
  3. From the cave to the mountain: We drive back to the neighbour farm were we left our horses and ride for around 2 hours reaching the farm Hellar were we take a look at the biggest handmade cave in Iceland. From there we take the car to explore „the farms of Hekla“. We take a hike to secret places in the nature, with a view on the volcano Hekla and the farmland were we have been riding the last days. We stop at the little town Hella on the way back and there is a cosy local swimming pool that is perfect for relaxing in after a eventful day.
  4. Closing our riding circle: We ride our horses from the farm Hellar through big meadows all the way back home to our farm. We stop on the way to have our traditional picknick with the horses. After riding for around 4 hours we take a moment to cuddle with our horses and say the final goodbyes to them. We have our last dinner together and a relaxing evening discussing the events of the past days.
  5. From the farm to the beach: We have breakfast at the farm and than we drive to Vik, the most southern village in Iceland, wich is famous for the black beaches and with beautiful basalt rocks in the ocean. We visit nice places in the area and have picknick on the beach (if the weather alows). After enjoying the area around Vik we drive to the direction Reykjavik with a view on Eyjafjallajökull and Vestmanneyjar on the way. We drive our guests to their hotel in Reykjavik were they can continue their adventures.
Book now by contacting hekluhestar@hekluhestar.is